Zhenxiang Chen,Ph.D.

Provincial Key Laboratory for Network based Intelligent Computing
School of Information Science and Engineering, University of Jinan

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                            Jinan, Shandong, P.R.China, 250022
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Lab:                        loci - The Lab of Cyber Intelligence


    Zhenxiang Chen received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science & Technology from Shandong University, China in 2011. He is currently a Professor at University of Jinan, the assistant dean of school of information science and engineering, and also leads the Lab of Cyber Intelligence. He is a Ph.D. supervisor of Shandong Normal University and Shandong University of Science and Technology. He received the outstanding master supervisor honor of University of Jinan in 2016. Dr. Chen was a visiting scholar at Computer Science Department, Virginia Tech, USA, in 2014. As the first author or corresponding author he has published more than 30 peer reviewed papers in international journals and conference proceedings, and 9 patents in the areas of Cyber security and Data intelligence. He has served on the technical program committee for numerous international conferences. Dr. Chen's research interests are in Cyber Security, Big Data and Computation Intelligence, currently focusing on mobile security and Big Data analysis in cyber space. His research has been extensively supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China, Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province and Shandong Provincial Key R&D Program with total grant funding over one million RMB. Dr. Chen is a Senior Member of CCF, both IEEE and ACM Members.

Research Areas

Cyber Security: mobile security; Big Data analysis in cyber space

Selected Publications

  1. Machine learning based mobile malware detection using highly imbalanced network traffic.
    Zhenxiang Chen*, Qiben Yan, Hongbo Han, Shanshan Wang, Lizhi Peng, Lin Wang, Bo Yang
    In (Elsevier) Information Sciences 2018,433: 346-364.

  2. Detecting Android Malware Leveraging Text Semantics of Network Flows.
    Transactions on Information Forensics & Security, 2017, PP(99):1-1.
    Shanshan Wang, Qiben Yan, Zhenxiang Chen*, Bo Yang, Chuan Zhao, Mauro Conti
    In (IEEE) Transactions on Information Forensics & Security
    2017, PP(99):1-1.

  3. Flexible neural trees based early stage identification for IP traffic.
    Zhenxiang Chen*, Lizhi Pengand, Chongzhi Gao, Bo Yang, Yuehui Chen, Jin Li
    In (Springer) Soft Computing
    2017, 21(8):1-12.

  4. A novel semi-supervised learning method for Internet application identification.
    Zhenxiang Chen*, Zhusong Liu, Lizhi Peng, Lin Wang, Lei Zhang
    In (Springer) Soft Computing
    2017, 21(8):1963-1975.

  5. TrafficAV: An effective and explainable detection of mobile malware behavior using network traffic.
    Shanshan Wang, Zhenxiang Chen*, Lei Zhang, Qiben Yan, Bo Yang, Lizhi Peng, Zhongtian Jia
    In Proceedings of the International Symposium on Quality of Service

Authorized Patent

  1. A method and a system for reconstructing mobile applications’ malicious network behavior.
    Zhenxiang Chen, Bo Yang, Hongbo Han, Lei Zhang, Lizhi Peng, Shan Jing
    2018.3.22, China, ZL 201510487157.6.

  2. A proxy server with the abilities of detecting mobile applications' malicious network behavior.
    Zhenxiang Chen, Qun Li, Lei Zhang, Bo Yang, Hongbo Han, Dong Cao
    2017.11.1, China, ZL 201510487184.3.

  3. Network access point based mobile malwares detecting method and system.
    Zhenxiang Chen, Bo Yang, Hongbo Han, Lei Zhang, Lizhi Peng, Shan Jing
    2017.11.1, China, ZL 201510487144.9.

  4. Network traffic based multi-features mobile malwares detecting method and system.
    Zhenxiang Chen, Bo Yang, Hongbo Han, Lizhi Peng, Lei Zhang, Runyuan Sun, Jinguang Wang
    2017.11.1, China,ZL 201510486986.2.

  5. A test and comparison system for remote database response performance.
    Zhenxiang Chen, Keke Wang , Bo Yang, Kun Ma, Kun Liu
    2016.3.7, China, ZL 201210307910.5.

  6. High Performance NetFPGA and Multi-fractal Wavelet Model Based Network Traffic Generator system and method.
    Zhenxiang Chen, Bo Yang, Keke Wang, Tao Sun , Jinguang Wang
    2015.9.30,China,ZL 201310201863.0.

  7. A Method for obtaining network traffic data set with accurate application type identification.
    Zhenxiang Chen, Caiyun Zhao, Lizhi Peng, Bo Yang, Shan Jing
    2015.2.9,China,ZL 201210184213.5.

  8. FPGA based real time database backup system and method
    Zhenxiang Chen, Jinguang Wang, Bo Yang, Lei zhang, Lizhi Peng
    2015.2.5,China,ZL 201210309087.1.

  9. Internet traffic differentiation method
    Zhenxiang Chen, Shupeng Zhao , Xiaomei Yu, Bo Yang , Runyuan Sun
    2015.1.1,China, ZL 201210184211.6.


  • Member, IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, USA
  • Member, ACM, USA
  • Senior Member, CCF, P.R.China

University of Jinan